Denver Broncos bring in Richie Incognito for a workout

Denver Broncos bring in Richie Incognito for a workout

We have not heard Richie Incognito's name for a while, but Fox's Jay Glazer reported that the free-agent offensive guard is being worked out by the Denver Broncos


The enfant terrible Incognito has been out of work since the NFL suspended him last November for conduct detrimental to the team as a member of the Miami Dolphins. He was at the center of a hazing scandal that rocked the organization, as Incognito and two teammates were found to be targeting former fellow offensive lineman, Jonathan Martin. The Dolphins released Incognito and traded Martin to the San Francisco 49ers.

The Broncos brought Incognito in for a visit and a workout and are mulling signing him. Their run game has stagnated, and the offensive line underwent a musical chairs-like shuffling in the Week 10 win over the Oakland Raiders. It's clear the Broncos are experimenting with combinations up front, and it's possible that things have cooled down enough with Incognito that they would consider signing him.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers brought in Incognito for a visit earlier this year amid their offensive line woes, as did the Kansas City Chiefs, and other teams have sniffed around him this season. But this appears to be the most likely possibility of him signing another NFL contract.

The talented player obviously comes with major red flags not just with the Dolphins, but with his other NFL stops, which did not end amicably. Incognito has been a troublesome locker room figure and has sparred with coaches in the past, but the Broncos have to feel that with a strong core of leadership, Peyton Manning calling the shots and a need at guard, they could pull the trigger on this move if needed.

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